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The 17 factors Your Orlando Website needs to rank high on Google

  • December 10,2018
  • by idrivemediagroup

The 17 factors Your Orlando Website needs to rank high on Google

We are often asked how to rank on Google high. We have broken down Orlando SEO here are the top 17 factors.

  • 1. Direct website visits - Basically, the more direct visits you get, the more organic traffic you’ll attract. 
  • 2. Time on site - This one is a no-brainer: Google likes it when visitors spend a lot of time on your website. Bounce rate is key.
  • 3. Pages per session - Do people visit other pages on your website?
  • 4. Bounce rate - This goes hand in hand with #2. Do people bounce off your site quick? If so, this tells Google that this might not be the best results for the search.
  • 5. Total referring domains - The more websites link back to you, the higher you will rank. 
  • 6. Total backlinks - Yes this is different from the factor above. You can have more than one backlink from a domain. 
  • 7. Total referring IPs - This is the third factor connected to referrals. One domain name can have more than one IP.
  • 8. Total Do-follow backlinks
  • 9. Content length on your website
  • 10. Website security (HTTPS)
  • 11. Total anchors
  • 12. Keyword in anchor
  • 13. Keyword in body
  • 14. Keyword density
  • 15. Keyword in title
  • 16. Keyword in meta
  • 17. Video on page?


By idrivemediagroup
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