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1st Page Club ( Google SEO Scam Artists and Spam Company

1st Page Club ( Google SEO Scam Artists and Spam Company

Stay far away from these clowns at - they are spamming contact forms saying the following:

Hi Mark Daniels,

I wanted to reach out to you this week and thought it would be best to send you an email. 

I noticed you seem to be making good use of digital marketing for IDRIVEMEDIAGROUP.COM, but I think your results could be better.

If you can find 15 minutes in your schedule for a brief consultation, I can show you how. I am a digital marketing specialist, with particular expertise in SEO and AdWords. My experience has shown me multiple ways to improve organic rankings, increase click-throughs, and grow social media influence.

We have spent more than a decade helping both large and small businesses grow. We have a stellar reputation for getting our clients the best possible ROI. 

And as a "Thank you!" for meeting with us, we'll give you $250 towards any of our services.


Sarah Garza

These idiots pose as they are 310 area code, but they are in India. They have facebook links that do not work etc. Run far away you will be scammed. If you want legit SEO contact us. 

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