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Anyone Get Email About Some CEO Visit Scam?

Anyone Get Email About Some CEO Visit Scam?

Got suspicious email from this company Anyone get this? Here is the email:

Hi, my name is Marc, we at Rootstack have been working with final clients in the US / Canada for more than 7 years, we have been an extension of their IT team to help the gap of shortage of developers and needs of capable dev-roles, we are in the pursuit of increasing our valued service to other digital companies such as yours.

Our CEO would be in town about a month and a half - two and is interested in what have you accomplish would you like to do a quick meeting when he is in there or have a Skype call to have a nice chat next week 10/02/2017 to make a possible partnership.

Quick information about Rootstack:

·  Media kit 

·  Latest blog: We like to write, check out our tech skills.

·  Nearshore development video: Take a quick peek at who we are.

Give us a call at 215-883-4359

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