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Beware PPC Account Management Scams Like This One by Fischer SEM, LLC

Beware PPC Account Management Scams Like This One by Fischer SEM, LLC

These idiots send you spam with gmail email addresses. Very professional LOL and say they will do PPC Account management. The emails are like this:

I am a highly qualified Digital Marketing Professional offering more than 15 years of experience from startups to established businesses. I started working with agencies like yours back in April of 2015 managing various types of accounts.

I am currently seeking more opportunities for PPC account management, so I wanted to reach out, introduce myself and see if you were looking for help with managing some of your client's accounts.

My rate is 10% of the total spend for all assigned accounts per month. My minimum spend requirement per month is $10,000. This can include multiple accounts that total $10,000 in spend per month. Attached please find my resume as well as my sample portfolio. The client’s information have been removed in order to respect the NDA agreements that I have with the other agencies. In the sample portfolio is a list of the verticals that I have experience in as well.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.-

Erica Fischer

Fischer SEM, LLC

C: (954) 873-3374


So this moron is a highly trained professional with no website and a Gmail email address LOL - Super scam beware. If you need people to help you manage your Pay Per Click Accounts. Let us know we have helped many of the top businesses and really helped them grow. 

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