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Brad Campbell Scam 7k to Slay Facebook ads like him - Run Fast!

Brad Campbell Scam 7k to Slay Facebook ads like him - Run Fast!

The scam artist founder of Job Killing is at it again. This guy doesn't stop now he is going hard with - He is charging 7k with no refund policy for him to write you a corny facebook poem. Ads that will "slay" as he calls it. This guy as no shame in his game. I can't believe anyone would fall for this, but apparently, people do. I would run for the hills if you come across this guy or his videos. I'm sure you already have when you see this ugly mug trying to get 7k from you. 

Brad Campbell scamming


If you want ads that slay and not pay 7k just let us know we will help you. We actually help business, not charge 7k up front. Sad people actually have supported this guy and given them money. The job killing group all the people must be sad he scammed all of them. All these people who learned web design and SEO - can't even rank anything. That's why you find me for all these keyword searches. If you want help with web design or SEO from 10 year veteran not trying to scam you, contact IDrive Media Group. You can see he is not an admin of Job Killing group anymore. All that talk to get you to join took your money and leaves you high and dry. I would recommend getting your money back through credit card company as bait and switch or taking to small claims court in your local area. They would have to hire a lawyer in your area and defend it. Would only cost you $300 to file and if you lose nothing, and if you win you get your money back.

Brad Campbell JOb Killing founder quits facebook admin

Check out or or for our websites about the job killing scam!

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