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The scam artist Brad Campbell who founded Job Killing is at it again. He has new website up at and doing facebook advertising stating that he can coach you how to do facebook ads and make money. He is going to ask you for 6k to coach you through your facebook ads. Look at him he made millions right? First off, he scammed millions with job killing we all know that. He will go down for telling people the rank and rent for licensed activity is ethical. We will make sure of that working with FTC and other government agency about that. Now think about it - if this guy makes 1.5 million a month why is he willing to coach you for 6 grand? If you made 1.5 million in one month - wouldn't you just continue what you are doing and not coach anyone? Think about it. This is the biggest scam. Brad Campbell uses the fake money to show you he has the answers. Unfortunately, he does not. Funny he does not mention anything about Job Killing on LOL Sad. Now can you imagine if you joined Job Killing? You paid this guy and Dan Klein 6 grand and he is now off trying to sell people on doing facebook ads with the money he scammed from you. Wow. Here take a look he excludes his contacts so they don't see what he is doing. This is a joke. You going to pay this clown to help you setup a facebook ad for like 6 grand? Mentor program from a guy who scammed with job killing? He is just going to pocket your money and have you watch some videos. Sad.

Brad Campbell Scam Artist -

I want to know how paypal allows him to process with this scam. I'm sure many chargebacks. If you paid Brad Campbell or Dan Klein any money do a chargeback immediately. You got scammed and we have given you all the proof you need to your bank. Dan and Brad packaged and sold that you could ethically do rank and rent websites for Dentists. That's illegal. If it was legal companies like would build pages for each Dentist and extort the dentist for leads to that practice. Scam 100% get your money back.

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Guys Case Study is his own ad LMAO What a joke!

Looking for Facebook advertising help or learn real SEO skills? - It's funny you have Brad Campbell who is now doing - I mean if the rank and rent model is so good, why is he already shut the door on job killing and trying to make money mentoring people with facebook ads. Hey Brad why not mentor the people you scammed through job killing and show them your great facebook ad skills? LOL Oh yea he turns off the contact list so he can solicit new idiots to scam. But here is another scam local mogul trying to scam you about the local lead generation business. Wow all those job killing students. Can you name one that is actually working and making money? No they all have come to terms with they got scammed and all they are left with is some horrible weebly websites that cost $100 to publish LMAO - Wordpress is free and much more powerful. Join and get unlimited websites, hosting and seo from a true expert. 




Brad Campbell Scam Artist -

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