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Breaking Down What SEO Terms Mean To You!

Breaking Down What SEO Terms Mean To You!

We had a great question come in today, and they asked what our SEO terms mean when we say we are going to do all this stuff on the packages pages. So, here you go:

1 Keyword SEO Ranked - Your keyword ranked so if you are looking for "orlando lawyer" ranked on google first page - that is what we do.

1 SEO Rich Blog 600+ Words - Content is king so we write a 600+ word post with SEO keywords in it for you that ranks.

2 Article Submissions - We put this above article into the 2 most popular article submission websites in the Word.

10 Directory Submissions - We put this above article into the 10 most popular article submission websites in the Word.

5 Business Citation Links - Citations are key for google map listings. These help you rank on that. We give you 5 citations for these to rank.

5 Classified SEO Submissions - Believe it or not Classified sites like craigslist get ranked on google. Back links from these properly help. We do 5.

1 XML Sitemap Submission - You need an XML sitemap and we set this up and submit to google webmaster tools.

1 Google Webmasters Setup - Self explanatory

1 Google Analytics Creation - Self explanatory

1 Implementation of Robot.txt - robots.tx files is how google reads your site. If this isn't setup correctly you won't get crawled correctly. We get this setup for you.

1 Google Manual Submission - google has a manual submission button - we put your site in manually.

1 Optimize Header Tags - We optimize your Header H1, H2 etc. tags for google - very important.

3 Social Media Posts - - Self explanatory

1 Meta Tag Optimization - Meta tags are how google also reads your site and displays what is about with meta. We make sure these are optimized for your keywords.

1 Anchor text optimization - anchor text is hyperlinking towards other sites on your page from other pages. Very important for SEO.

1 Content Rich Press Release - We write and submit press release to top PR site - great for SEO

5 Page Ranked Back Links - We have top sites that are page ranked high on google already. We give you 5 back links from these sites - helping you tremendously.

Phone & Email Support - - Self explanatory


Hope this helps - let me know if you have any other questions.  


Mark Daniels

Founder, IDrive Media Group


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