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You might have seen companies like these pop up like They say they are a top online social media marketing company. What they do is just run robots to give you fake followers or likes. They advertise 5k Instagram followers for $159. This is a scam and you will end up getting your social media account banned by instagram if they find out you are using companies like these. Yes most of the followers on main celebs and videos are fake and they are just using companies like these. However, they have a direct deal with the people at Instagram and Facebook. Also, high paid lawyers who will sue them if they ban the account.

orlando social media marketing is a company ran by Thanh Ga in Vietnam. He works for orlando social media marketing

You can buy these fake followers on or If you want a real following though it needs to be organic. People will know you have fake followers if you have 100k follows and only get 50 likes to a photo. If you are looking for a real US based Social Media Marketing Company contact IDrive Media Group.

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