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Chris and Heidi Powell Diet Bet - Is it A Scam? Does It Really Work?

Chris and Heidi Powell Diet Bet - Is it A Scam? Does It Really Work?

If you went on Facebook and came across this Mother of 4 who is in ridiculous shape with her husband Chris Powell, you probably are wondering how does Heidi Powell do it right? Mother of 4, how would you have time to take care of all those kids, stay in shape and do all her social media? The truth is she has a lot of helpers taking care of her kids that you do not see. 

Chris Powell takes HGH and injects himself with DBOL steroids. That is the truth and if he tells you otherwise he is lying. You can't get those kind of cuts, viens and muscles without serious injections. Trust me from a former college athlete who worked out everyday. He eats very healthy because you have to. Not to "DIET" but if you do not on steroids you will look like complete crap. Heidi Powell injects herself as well as most girls who compete do. 

This website looks like a scam to me. You put in $30 and you could maybe get 10% back. If you look at the breakdown they are keeping over 50% of the money. So, of your $30 over half is going to those 4 kids day care and private schools. Of course, Chris and Heidi lifestyle. They are motivators, but at the end of the day they just want your money. 

You probably are wondering why a web based company is writing about these people? That is because we admire the social media following they have. If you are looking for your own social media following and website like we can help you build it. Do not let these people hog all the money to be made in personal training. This is a multi-billion dollar business where you have people cheating with Steroids cashing in on your insecurities. 

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