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Here is the spam information we get as usual. Want to put it out there so you can see the scam SEO companies. No client list or show you results of SEO rankings. Just give me your money and we do all this BS. Have you got an email like this? Let us know.

Our main objective is to make your website more visible in organic search results for the people who are looking for your brand, products or services via search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. So we would like to commence a search engine optimization campaign which will certainly help to achieve higher organic ranking for most of the competitve keywords in search engine giants.

Organic presence is not the only aspect which brings in additonal traffic. It is utmost important for your website to get segmented in different other online mediums like Forums, Communities, Groups etc. where majority of the people can find your website. We will also carry out various off page promotions like Social Bookmarking, Ads posting, Directory submission. This helps in improving the brand presence of your website thereby increasing referral traffic sources.

Moreover, we intend to capitalize more on the content distribution on few of the article sites and more on the blogs and guest blogging sites to increase the website presence and attract relevant traffic as these sites serve as better referral traffic sources. Along with publishing the content, we do initiate certain other activities like contextual linking with more brand keywords which would give more credible back links and traffic by enhancing the linking structure.

We will understand how your competitors are actually performing better and find out the areas where your website actually needs improvement. Competitor Analysis is more effective way to identify the best traffic sources that are actually performing for them. After reviewing and breaking the competitor analysis our team would go ahead and start competitor back link analysis to find best authority sites where we can build back links too.

We will also promote your website in major Social Medias which is the most potential platform to promote your website to get a quicker traffic by Creating Business page, Customizing Business page ,Creating post, Publishing posts related to specific Topic & brand promotion.

Our SEO pricing starts from $300/mo and it goes on with the deliverables. All our plans are on monthly basis. Please find them below:

* Social Media(1 Ac) will be included in our Web Motion($300/mo) package as a premium service.

Disount Offers:

  • Web Motion: $300 $250/month
  • Business Class: $500 $400/month
  • Business Drive: $800 $650/month

Or else you can also choose our custom plan: $200/mo

  • 4 Keywords
  • 20 Man hours
  • 20 Quality Back Links
  • On-site Optimization 
  • On-page Optimization
  • Off-page Promotion
  • Content Creation - 1(Free)
  • Error Fixing of website
  • Social Media Optimization - 1 Ac(Premium Service)
  • Fortnightly Report

Please Note: The process is very simple and transparent on our end. We require a time frame of at least 5-6 months to place you on Google's 1st page positions. But we will provide you guaranteed improvement in most of your competitive keywords ranking within very 1st month. There are no contracts/ locking period so you will have your own liberty throughout the campaign. You will be getting the reports accordingly to keep the track of changes.

You can visit our Company Website at

I believe you will find this more interesting. So, let me know if you have any queries.

Looking forward to start a long and healthy business relationship with you!


Thanks & Regards,
Kevin Cox | Senior DM Advisor
P: USA: +1 (442) 900-3009
Skype: corporateranking|Email ID: | SEO Company

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