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Dan Klein of deletes Youtube comments on his video - proves it's a scam?

Dan Klein of deletes Youtube comments on his video - proves it's a scam?

We had a conversation on about and the fact you are paying thousands to sell Web Design and SEO to companies. That is all you do. We recommend do not pay thousands to learn web design and SEO through Dan Klein and his company We stated simple facts on the Youtube video and pointing out things. Dan Klein was quick to delete them. You can see default picture he has comments. Now completely disables comments pictured here:

Dan Klein of deletes comments on Youtube then disables comments completely

You can see one of the conversations we got by email. We appreciate people sending us these links. If you are interested in learning about web design and SEO or making extra money. You can sell for us. We will do all the work and you can keep a residual income because again that is all you will be doing with Not worth the money to buy in. You will just be funding Dan Klein posh lifestyle. 

Web Design SEO Scam by Dan Klein
You see on Dan Klein facebook page admits $900 website build and SEO by this guy - you pay thousands for to sell web design and SEO

You see that is from a Jordan Hobbs - his company is Local Lead Liaison - He paid Dan Klein thousands to learn web design and SEO. Here is the problem. has no results on Google for helping a local client. This guy knows nothing about SEO. Basically you are scamming local business on SEO work with promises for the top of Google. What happens when you don't produce SEO results for these clients? Dan Klein has already collected his money and you look like an idiot for charging people monthly for a shit website and seo results. 

If you are looking for an opportunity to do web design and SEO and get paid just sell ours. We will give you a commission on each sale instead of you spending thousands of dollars to Dan Klein scam. Dan knows that his SEO tactics are garbage. He is taking advantage of you to buy into this. 


Update April 28, 2017 - Dan Klein still selling scam inviting job killing people he scammed to Las Vegas to sheer sheep more. Visit to see for yourself. WOW!  Who would buy anything from this loser using this image as to come see him speak!

job killing vegas dan klein

If you want to get away and learn SEO - buy a ticket to Orlando and get a hotel on I-Drive we can meet up and I'll give you free Mastermind session LOL

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