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Every morning I wake up and check my email, and every morning it's the same spam over and over because I have so many registered domains. These companies in India, such as, spam the crap out of your email address on file that you have registered a domain with. They will use a generic email at first to spam you and see if they get a response. If you do respond they will give you the company name. I always respond - "yes ill sign up today" LOL idiots. They have all the same pitch "get your website page 1 google" the holy grail of all websites. Everyone wants page one rankings, and of course this India company comes in with that line to bait you into paying them. Here is how the emails usually start:


Do you want your website to be on the FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE? I am working with An ISO 9001:2008 Certified SEO Company which has helped over 200+ business websites rank on the 1st Page of GOOGLE for even the most competitive Keywords. 


Now the first thing that is a scam is the promise of FIrst Page of Google. Why? Well, what if you are a lawyer opening up a personal injury office in Orlando? You really think these idiots can get you first page of Google for couple hundred a month? They will give say anything and do nothing. Just take a look a the facebook review of one customer. seo scam

I'm surprised they left this one up, usually these fly by night SEO companies will start a new facebook page or something. The fact is once you send the money outside the USA - the money is gone and you will never get it back. If you want to do business with a reputable SEO company that has achieved top rankings for national business in the USA - that is located in Orlando, Florida - contact IDrive Media Group. If you want to get scammed a couple hundred bucks at a time, and see now rankings or results go send your money to India. 

Here is the nail in the coffin - this guy says "guarantee page one ranking on google" this idiot doesn't even know my keywords LOL - If you see someone spamming you with guarantees of page one google, and from India delete as fast as you can.  If you have been spammed / scammed by them and paid them any money I would suggest doing a refund with paypal and also reporting to

Scammers Name emailing me is - Vikramaditya Srivastava <>


+91 8800200842

Skype:  vikram.ebriks



(An ISO 9001:2008 and Google Certified Company)

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