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Google Pay Per Click Overcharging Orlando Client

Google Pay Per Click Overcharging Orlando Client

Here you can totally see that Google does no research based on keywords and will overcharge you when you use the Pay Per Click options. As you can see in the image you have our client and we have a PPC campaign setup until we get them ranked organically for "Cocoa Pawn Shop" search results. They are paying only $.35 cents for the "cocoa pawn shops" clicks. Then you can see they want over $2.00 from clicks such as "Merritt Island Pawn Shop" which is way less traffic keyword. This is a prime example of Google overcharging people. If you are spending money on and not getting results let us take a look for free. A lot of smaller keywords you can pay much less for. Also, you can target certain areas specifically, so you ads do not show up anywhere else. Google Pay Per Click can be very beneficial if used properly, but we see a lot of companies not using it correctly or spending way too much money on it.

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