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Grant Cardone Confirmed Scam Artist - Buyer Beware

Grant Cardone Confirmed Scam Artist - Buyer Beware

Every now and then you come across one of these guys on social media, you know what I mean, the one who is in his 60's but spending every waking minute on his instagram stories. The goal is to push his lifestyle and make you think that you can have it if you buy into the program. Grant Cardone is another one of them who is a complete loser who is trolling the internet to get more money. He yells at you with his 30 years of smoking voice, and his mail order bride in his Miami Condo. This guy is a complete joke. He might have had some sales in the late 1990's when he was a young pup, but know he is a washed up idiot who just preys on you to buy his program. The entire thing is a joke that he laughs about because he can't believe how stupid you people are. Do you really think anyone is succeeding from his program? If anyone was they would be boasting about it and keeping it top secret. The minute he lets it out for any joe blow to buy you know it's a scam. Stay far away from the scam artist Grant Cardone. 

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