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IDrive Media Group Helps Launch Job Killing Alternative Website For Somersworth Landscaping

IDrive Media Group Helps Launch Job Killing Alternative Website For Somersworth Landscaping

We came across a couple facebook ads where these clowns Dan Klein and Brad Campbell are advertising this company called Job Killing. Also, - we have confirmed it is a scam. The scam they are pulling is getting people to pay 7 grand to join this club. They call them "students" and they teach them how to build free websites and add a google listing. Then they say go find a landscaping company that needs help. This upset us greatly because they think it's that easy that anyone can do it? The problem is not many searches will be done and you won't be getting that much business. They lie about how some people are earning 20k a month, but we have proof that some top Job Killing students admit it's a scam and don't make much money at all. I feel bad for anyone that joined and I hope they can get a refund. I think they have a great possibility if they can get Dan or Brad on record stating to advertise for a roofing company like one Job Killing student did. Advertising roofing services without a license is a felony in some States. So, essentially Job Killing is telling you to commit a felony. Now what's the alternative? Well, we created and our first client is Somersworth Landscaping. This is a guy that's smart and didn't spend 7 grand on Job Killing. He spent $500 to join He took Somersworth Landscaping website and turned that into a $5500 a year digital asset. A Somersworth Landscaping company can pay $500 A MONTH for this and the leads. So, why would anyone join Job Killing? Check out Young Skill today at and really learn how to succeed and make extra income online. Let's face it joining job killing the only people making money is them. 

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