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Joe Kashurba Web Design Consulting Scam - The $50,000/mo Web Design Blueprint Cost Revealed

Joe Kashurba Web Design Consulting Scam - The $50,000/mo Web Design Blueprint Cost Revealed

This Joe Kashurba is a scam artist web designer who is praying on other poor web design guys telling you he can give you the holy grail on how to make more money from clients. He boasts "The $50,000/mo Web Design Blueprint" This guy doesn't have any secret sauce for any more money and his coaching will suck I guarantee it. You want to make more money go out and knock on doors and sell. This scam artist does not have some coaching skill to show you how to attract businesses to get $50k a month. You know the old saying - sound too good? What is he going to teach you? PPC or facebook ads? Go ahead and make those yourself or go find new business by knocking on doors of business. I put this guy to the test personally and realized he was a scam quick. I have the audio. 

So I bullet point stuff from the phone call: 

  • Would you be willing to focus on 20k clients - those higher end clients LOL
  • - Phone Call with Kashurba Web Design 
  • The $50,000/mo Web Design Blueprint
  • Just Joe and I - area of expertise - working with digital agency only on marketing / sales. Established business - doing 10k - 15k /mo Generally speaking web design business.
  • 8 week program - consistent call flow. How many new clients did you bring in last month? Consistent deal flow. Not cookie cutter - we will scam anyone.
  • 5-6 weeks scaling stuff up. 
  • Ok so what's the next step!
  • Very interested - how can you help? How much?
  • Kick off Call with Joe Kashurba - Core offering? Thought this was for web design 50k month 
  • Ok? Ok? Ok? So what is it - 8 week training program? Consulting firm. 
  • So how much is it? Basically everyday price 5k for 8 week program. But we will scam any amount so here you go...........
  • You can make decision quickly and be scammed. For that reason we will have scam pricing - if you commit today 3k 
  • 1/3 due at start / 1/3 middle / 1/3 closing. 
  • Your strategy and up to you at that point. No refunds. If you want one - not a good sign.
  • We need your trust. No contract. Partnership LLC setup then? No - scam.
  • Are you in Orlando? Croatia - Constantly Traveling. Joe and I constantly travel and scam. Christmas time I won't be back in Orlando LOL. Next time I'm in Orlando - just some BS commonality sales cool.
  • I don't know how you are gonna help - 5k steep. What businesses have you helped - Legit question!
  • Well, for privacy reasons we can't share. If you helped them wouldn't be your testimonial. So what company?
  • Not one company - can share that has helped. 
  • Consulting Kashurba is a scam - Targeting digital agencies for money that are struggling. 
  • This is the strategy session phone call LOL - 

Why would you pay this scum bag? Don't let him coach you if you need coaching I will help you and do it on barter or less. I actually want to see you grow - not be scammed. You can visit and get access to me and my tools for everything you need help with.

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