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Kotton Grammer Orlando SEO - OMG Reports Confirmed Scam - Buyer Beware - We Break It Down

Kotton Grammer Orlando SEO - OMG Reports Confirmed Scam - Buyer Beware - We Break It Down

If you have ever google "Orlando SEO" you will see at the top of the list "Kotton Grammer" with his website here. Now he has found nice success with his page at the top of Google. Not a lot of SEO companies are going after the "Orlando SEO" keywords. Kotton Grammer did and is #1 we can't deny that. He got to be #1 by buying back links to his /orlando-seo page. And putting content on it long about Orlando SEO such as:

Hire an Orlando SEO Expert today . Remember in case you are running an online business or a website where you will like to communicate some message a website that is well designed by following search engine optimization rules will be the best for your website. In most cases search engines such as Google will end up imposing penalties to those who will fail to follow the rules. Penalties can impact negatively on the overall performance of your website hence you should try and ensure all is well when designing your website. Some of the issues that you need to check on are to try and employ experts who are highly qualified to offer you the services. For you to access the best experts you need to take your time and visit several of them in Orlando so that you will be able to decide on the best. Even if you are too busy in your daily routine you can still access the best experts while carrying out your comparison online. When carrying out your comparison online you should try and compare as many companies as possible so that you will decide on the best. Carrying out your comparison online is very easy hence you should prefer it over other forms of comparison. The following are benefits that you will enjoy after you decide to work with the best Orlando SEO company:

So, why are you saying Kotton Grammer is a scam? Well, let's take a look at his facebook page found at:

You will notice the reviews are hidden. Someone only hides the reviews based on getting too many bad ones. That means Kotton Grammer has horrible reviews and chose to hide them from you. That right there is a huge red flag. If you go to his website he has a "testimonials" section it seems to be all facebook look-a-like reviews. However, no facebook positive reviews. So we know those could be made up or fake. 

Also, other than "orlando seo" rankings what has he done for clients? If you helped a client get #1 on google like he is for "orlando seo" wouldn't you put that on your website and show off your rankings for your clients? Wouldn't people be handing out his business card if he had his clients #1? It seems to us that Kotton Grammer only cares about his rankings and get money from you, and then once he gets the money he does not help you rank at all. Just getting more clients in high pressure sales tactics and empty promises. Hence the no reviews, actual google results, and more. 

Lastly, we have confirmed if you google "kotton grammer scam" you will notice the top results is a Rip Off Report found here:

Now if you were an expert at SEO wouldn't you be able to drowned out your rip off reports when someone google's you about a scam? When you couple all of this together you will notice that kotton grammer is a confirmed scam. The only reason he is at top of google for "orlando seo" is because he has longevity and puts money and back links into that term. We could outrank him easily for "orlando seo" but we choose to help our clients more than try to get there. We actually have rankings you can see for yourself now when you google. We like to show our clients off and work on referrals. if you are interested in working with local Orlando SEO company that is the best. 

Now the other thing we see is Kotton Grammer has gotten away from actually helping out SEO clients and now just sells his "OMG Reports" to people who are looking to work from home. He boasts his 400k a month lifestyle and says he can show you how to do it. Just pay him a couple thousand dollars to get the training. I did not even have to look hard to figure this is a scam as well. I went to the facebook page group at:

I followed one guy who said he was making bank with it. Rob Skinner of ( horrible name ) and of course here he says he's making 25k a month or some BS. I found this funny because he is local to me in Central Florida. 

Mojo Knows SEO Orlando

Now take a look at his testimonials done on a horrible website design:

None of these are actual clients, they are all just other people who joined this OMG garbage and leaving him fake reviews which is illegal. Even the facebook page you can tell it's just other people from the group leaving him 5 stars. I would stay far far away anyone who says they learned from Black Hat SEO Kotton Grammer. And anyone like this Mojo Knows SEO company that came out of what he is selling. I can't believe these people are actually selling Kissimmee and other business SEO when they really don't know anything other than build a page with a keyword, and sell it based on google us garbage. Show me your clients results and rankings. Not yours. 

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