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Orlando Mobile Search Engine Optimization Shift

Orlando Mobile Search Engine Optimization Shift

This probably is just the beginning, as Google is further striving to make an average user’s web experience more and more mobile-friendly.

Since mobile is estimated to overtake desktop as the most popular channel of web search this year, Google is being careful (as always) to stay up with the rapidly changing times.

The announcement will probably have a major effect on web traffic, as savvy marketing experts and webmasters who seek to Google for market insight are scrambling to ensure their websites do not lose online visibility because of the coming changes.

Although Google is always encouraging brands to make their websites compatible across all platforms, it is not trying to leave non-mobile-friendly sites in the digital dust with this announcement. But, it is giving a friendly advice of updating the websites for mobile compatibility and meeting the raised standards.

How Will This Affect Your Company?

For Fortune 500 companies and big brands, creating a mobile-optimized website is not a problem. Many of them already have invested huge sums for optimizing their customers’ mobile experience. But, those who haven’t might see that their PPC campaigns will be losing clicks to their mobile-friendly competitors.

However, for smaller companies, this change means an all new challenge. Many small businesses may find it intimidating to move to mobile market at first or they may also lack the technical know-how to do the coding. If you are one of them, IDrive Media Group is here to help you without the need of big development budget.

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