Skip to main content the biggest scam in the dentist marketing web design and seo space the biggest scam in the dentist marketing web design and seo space

It's been a couple years since I was working with a local dentist. He ended up going with when the CEO of threatened legal action over a website background. Biggest joke I have ever heard, but eventually went with them. He paid over $6k for a website with them and supposed to be with all the bells and whistles. When I check back on the website now, he still has the website, and I'm sure still paying the scam company to keep it up. It's sad to see so many Dentists and Doctors get scammed by these website companies promising results such as The fact is is like using a or godaddy sitebuilder website. It won't rank and it's just taking a template that hundreds or thousand of Doctors use. The only people making money here is I searched for this dentist site locally and he barely ranks on page 2. Might as well not even have a website if you are not on page one. This was for his name as well, not a generic google search. So, 5 years later he has no results on google, and paid out about 12k to What a scam! We could have had him #1 on google across the board for a fraction of the price. If you are dentist who has been scammed by and wants SEO help pick one of our SEO packages and let us show you why we have ranked websites nationally.

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