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Had a dentist friend of mine go with Prosites about 5 years ago. He is now about 5 years in and has received no SEO, actually nowhere to be found even when he types his own name into google. This is horrible. He has paid over 6 GRAND to for his cookie cutter, horrible website. They give these sites away free to lock you in and take your money. Only people getting rich here is prosites off idiot dentists who go with them. You add to Prosites bottom line not your practice. You should go with a company like ours who can give you PERSONAL ATTENTION. I don't understand dentists they give patients personal attention and that's what keeps them coming back, but when it comes to websites they want to have cookie cutter? Ridiculous. They have Rip Off Report about them click here. Here is the email you get from Prosites - such as joke:

Hi First Name,

Did you know that a prospective patient makes a split-second decision on if they want to visit your practice based on your website? Your website must represent the professionalism, expertise and personality of your practice. This is where ProSites comes in.

We are trusted by over 7,500 dentists for their website design and online marketing needs – plus, endorsed by 11 dental associations and a recipient of a 2015 and 2016 Dentaltown Townie Choice Award, voted #1 in website design and services.

This month we’re offering an amazing deal for new customers – a FREE website! Our “ready-to-go” websites have no set-up fee and our custom-design options come with a significant discount if you want to get something more unique and tailored to your practice. As with all great things, this incredible deal will come to an end on 7/31/17.

Let’s talk more about how we can help you stand out from competitors, accelerate practice growth, and turn online searchers into your new patients. When is the best time for us to speak?

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Voted #1 in Dental Website Design and Services!

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