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Scorpion Lawyer Marketing Exposed For Poor Web Design and SEO

  • December 19,2018
  • by idrivemediagroup

Scorpion Lawyer Marketing Exposed For Poor Web Design and SEO

Recently had a client approach us for web design and SEO work. They were not satisfied with the level of service they were receiving from Scorpion Law Marketing. They told us they were paying an arm and a leg each month and the results just were not worth it. I started doing some research on Scorpion Law Marketing and some of the projects they have done locally. I found some very questionable work like the picture you see attached. Spending that much money for a website and monthly you should be getting the Granddaddy of the websites and SEO work. Not having headers that don't scroll well in some browsers. 

What is the most troubling information I heard from a client of Scorpion Lawyer Marketing is that you don't get root access to your website or files. You basically are Scorpion law marketing hostage. So, all that money and work you will still never own your own content and files. Let's say you just can't afford it anymore or want to take a few months off from the major expense of SEO, PPC they will shut your website down. These cookie cutter websites with same information as all lawyers do not rank well on Google either. You are not getting a local experience that Google loves for local SEO.

I would recommend going with a company locally that has experience and can give your law firm a fresh web design and SEO that caters to your local market. Companies like Scorpion only care about the bottom line of Scorpion not your law firm.  

By idrivemediagroup
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