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I get one every day and it is always the same garbage. These are spam scams trying to take advantage of website owners with promises of search engine optimization "SEO" work. The most recent one is - I get a message from Alex Hales ( and it stated:

If you are looking to outsource SEO services to India, We can help you effectively achieve your goal.
We are the leading SEO based in Noida India and for a long term relationship we can start our SEO services only $99 per month per website.
Web Development, Mobile APPS or SEO we are here to serve you better.Our charges only $12/hour. -Alex 9211469086 Skype: ranksindia

So I played along and said YES give me your SEO. The follow up email is that for $99/mo and $300 setup fee I will get 5 targeted keywords and all this other garbage. You can see the Youtube video to get more information on the BS they promise. The fact is they won't do anything for you. Kiss your $300 goodbye as soon as you send it over. They may send you a report or something next month to try get more money from you, but it is a scam people. Here is the easiest way to spot SEO scammers on the internet. 

  1. Look at the portfolio of the website (You can tell is a scam because they sites like on it and you know that is a lie)
  2. Ask for keywords that they have ranked for customers. Get the customers name and verify with the website owner that it is true. If they truly are ranking people keywords EVERY website owner would be happy to give referrals. 
  3. Ask for a US Business License or show proof they are incorporated or allowed to do business in the United States. 
  4. Look up WHO IS of the website. If it is private or doesn't show - you know they are hiding something like SEM MIAMI here. You can do this by going to

These are fly by websites setup to get a quick couple grand from people with promises of SEO and then they just copy the template into a new domain and start spamming again. 

Here I ask for references and they give me and Joe Edakkunnathu based out of Chicago. Not sure if this company is a scam or not, but they do not have any listings of clients they have ranked. They are lying about portfolio as well. Stating - Information about Solider Field in Chicago, and they obviously did not do that website. Beware of doing business with people you do not know over the internet. If you can't meet in face and speak with clients they have helped it is most likely a scam!

joe edakkunnathu

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