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At IDrive Media, LLC we offer world class SEO services (search engine optimization) for Orlando, Florida and beyond. Our expertise and focus is “white hat” and Google-friendly search engine rankings. The work we do is 100% safe for your website and other online properties. We have time-tested and proven methods that work time and time again for all of our customers with great success.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the results you see on the first page of Google when you search for something. Consumers are doing research these days, but 99% of them won't go back to the first page. It is 100% important your company is on the first page of google for the keyword searches that people are searching for your business. For example, if you are Joe's Jewelry in Orlando, FL. Someone searching "engagement rings Orlando" that is a keyword you would want to make sure your business is being seen.


Our proprietary method of SEO has been developed and tested proving its effectiveness. The first step is to analyze your website for keyword density and optimization. We go through your site with a fine tooth comb adding unique content, anchor text, meta description, and tags. Next, we create or improve your Google business listing as well as build high-quality citations to help it’s ranking in the Google pack. Then, we optimize your current social media profiles and build the social profiles you might not have created yet. Finally, we create high-quality unique content on the web and link it back to you. Over the years we have built relationships with some of the biggest and most trusted websites online. These partnerships allow us to post our articles and blogs which we will link back to your website. Google’s search algorithm puts a high degree of weight on the power and trust of referring domains. New data just released is showing that this is without a doubt the most significant ranking factor. Some other important ranking factors include time on site, bounce rate, engagement, unique content length, video embeds, photo embeds, and much more. Our method is to combine all available SEO techniques synergistically to help improve your rankings naturally. Our terms usually extend from 6-9 months depending on the difficulty of the keyword and the competition on the first page. Our process involves moving slowly and methodically to mimic the natural growth of Google. This is the best way to obtain long lasting rankings without the risk of penalties and other issues.


When hiring a professional SEO company,  you should proceed with caution. Overseas companies with little experience can do irreversible long-term harm to your website. You should always ask to see 2-3 rankings to ensure that they have the skills to do the job. You can even use companies like Escrow SEO when dealing with companies overseas. We have relationships with overseas people that help us. Your SEO Company should be local with contacts overseas for jobs they can outsource. We have dozens of happy clients who still hold #1 positions today for their target keywords.


Studies show that organic Google rankings lead to the highest conversions rates for new customers. When you advertise through paid sources, customers are delivered to you with a certain degree of distrust. They know that you paid for their traffic and approached your company with their guard up. This is not the case with organic search engine rankings. Customers feel they found your firm in a natural way that instills trust from the outset. In turn, this makes converting website traffic into paying customers much easier.


If you are looking to generate more leads and gain new customers for your business, then our search engine optimization services are what your company needs. This unique form of advertising is a sure-fire way to leapfrog ahead of your competitors and set your company up for success.


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