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I get emails all the time about scam / spam SEO companies telling us they will get my website to top of Google. These are bots because if they did research they would know IDrive Media Group is already SEO experts and at the top of Google. The funny thing abou these scam companies is they use the same lies everytime. I ask simple question - who is your top client and results? You can see the image attached, the answer with that they sign non disclosure agreements. This is the biggest BS I have ever heard. First of all, if you are helping clients with results and actually helping, what client would not give you a testimonial? My clients hand out my business cards because of the rankings I have achieved them. These fraudsters pray on your weak website. The solution is not these scam companies. You will lose your money. Go write your name and phone number on a couple hundred dollar bills, and drive down the highway and throw it out the window. You have better chance of getting that money back then you will with any of these scam SEO companies. If you want real SEO with USA client and tons of rankings we can share - talk to us!

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