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Traffic and Funnels Scam by Taylor Welch / Chris Evans Review

Traffic and Funnels Scam by Taylor Welch / Chris Evans Review

Came across Traffic and Funnels on facebook. The company was founded by Taylor Welch and Chris Evans. The claim to fame here is how they can help you scale to making huge amounts of income. You have two nerds who are trolling facebook with ads, and selling you on how they have this secret sauce for traffic through funnels. The clear answer is they do not have any answers. It's a scam. They have not truly helped any business and spend all the time working on taking your money to coach you. They will prey on your weakness and say you need to take risks. The bottom line is there is not secret for traffic. It's SEO - what websites have they ranked? You need to spend thousands to have them show you how to setup a facebook ad? You can do it yourself. If you want to pay someone to setup your facebook ads that will convert, just call us. We won't coach you but just help you make ads that convert. Anyone can spend thousands on facebook ads and make money. Do you have the thousands to spend? Watch this video about Traffic and how they going to funnel your money into thier bank with no results.



If you are really looking for TRAFFIC, and want us to funnel you leads you will go to our SEO page and pick an SEO Package and let us show you real organic results. Same way you see us #1 when you search these guys is because we know SEO. That is how you get real TRAFFIC! All this other funnel BS is exactly that.

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