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Why Links are so Important to Your Search Engine Optimization Campaign

Why Links are so Important to Your Search Engine Optimization Campaign

Link building is often talked about as a necessity for websites to do well in today's competitive market, but the process to get links isn't always clear. It's not a complicated process, but many marketers will make link building sound harder than it actually is. Links are important because they show connectivity between what you have to offer and what others on the internet are saying. The more links you have to and from reputable sources, the more clout you have in your industry. From finding sites you want to link to and figuring out how to get those links, it is possible to increase your SEO through link building one link at a time.


Link Building Creates an Awareness of Your Website

One of the better ways to truly understand what your website is about is to do an assessment of all of the content and determine which websites would be the best fit for linking. It allows you to create awareness for your brand, and to discover which websites are truly useful for you to link to. The more you study your links, the better you will understand your website as a whole. Get to know your content so that you know what works and what doesn't.


As a local business in the Orlando, Florida area you can do a quick search on Google for businesses in your area and reach out to them. Your goal is to get them to share your content to their social communities. You repeat this process for every local website owner and every content that you have that aligns with their content strategy.


For example, if you are a local photographer then you would search for “wedding planners” in Orlando. You can share a page titled “The best of Orlando from the eyes of a photographer”.


Setting Up an SMS Texting Platform

When you share great content, people will read it. Great content gets shared on social media, and used as a source for articles or blog posts. To share content with an audience of potential customers, you can utilize an SMS text marketing platform such as Trumpia. You create an opt-in campaign, and you will slowly grow a database of customers that you can send marketing texts to. When your content is inspiring, informative or otherwise useful, your database of users will share this content and use it as a resource. Text messaging software is the best way to reach your audience in an instant.


Search is the Primary Way Customers Find What they Want

Your website presence matters more than even having a physical location for your business. People are searching online for products or services, and how customers find you will depend on your SEO and quality links. In such a competitive business world, everyone trying to build up a web presence, it is essential to understand exactly what your customers are searching for and how you can guide them to your website. You will need to research search terms, and come up with content that utilizes key words effectively.


When You Have Bad Links Pointing to Your Website

As much as quality links matter, bad links can have a negative effect on your backlink SEO strategy. Use a back link checker to determine the links that are pointing to your website, and remove any links that come from bad sources. While you can try to contact the webmaster of the website you want to remove the link, you can also disavow the link through Google. Disavowing a link will tell search engines that you don't want the link considered when crawling your website for content.


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