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I'm sure by now you have seen the commercials "Need A Website? Why Not Do It YourSelf?" We are the first to tell people that if they need a quick one page website with just information do it on a free platform like However, if you want something to be found on Google and setup the right way, we do not recommend WIX or any website builders. In this video we show you is using a website and we show you why they do not get indexed on Google well. This is because Google Just does not read these type of websites correctly. I was shocked a big media company like who owns Creative Loafing and other brands was using a website. 



I know how to lay tile in my bathroom. Once I did it myself. 4 days later and a couple loose and uneven tiles, and a horrible mess, I thought to myself -- Why didn't I just pay someone to do this? Save this headache and cost to fix this. I will never lay another piece of tile again. I will pay a professional who knows what he or she is doing. That is the best way I can explain doing your own website. If I just was doing a small square with no cuts of tile, I would do it myself. However, doing a bathroom floor with lots of cuts and stuff I got way over my head. I wasted more time and spent more money trying to do what I wanted. A professional could have gotten this job done in 2 days and perfectly. Instead I took about a week and it was still not done right. Sure you can do your own website, but do you want to spend that time learning how to build a website or helping gain and attract more customers?

Lastly, you will never see a website outrank a wordpress website on Google. If someone is using a content management system like Wordpress or Drupal. They will outrank any website. I guarantee you can't find a competitive market or keyword where website outranks anyone. 

The best is that we called them out on our Orlando SEO Instagram page - check out how they responded. Millions of websites using them. I bet you can't name one company that will actuall admit to using and seeing a great performing website. Even Rank Executives in Orlando said #Amazing because they know.



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