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Using Emu oil for combating nail fungus

Using Emu oil for combating nail fungus

Most people don’t like thinking about the many microorganisms that are hosted within our bodies. It can be rather disturbing to think about such matters. However, understand that some of these microorganisms are useful to our bodies.

This being said, there are also several fungi within our bodies that produce no harm or benefit. In contrast, others cause harmful infections in the scalp, beard, nails, and skin. The yeast-like and mold like fungi are among the harmful microorganisms within our body.

Understanding nail fungus

From the name, you can already deduce that the nail fungus, onychomycosis, affects the toenails. They occur when fungi invade the nails and cause painful infections. What is somewhat disturbing about the nail fungus is the fact that they recur.

However, you can use natural products such as Emu oil to help prevent fungal infection. Most people don’t understand how it works, which tends to cause a lot of doubt. In this article, we will go through a detailed look at how to use Emu oil for onychomycosis.

How does Emu oil help combat nail fungus?

Emu oil works by ensuring the affected areas are kept healthy and free from any cuts. Fungi usually enter the skin through small skin separations such as cuts. The small cuts can be caused by several reasons considering you are always on your feet.

Although there is no medical evidence that supports the effectiveness of Emu oil when dealing with onychomycosis, there are a lot of testimonials that do. A simple search on your favorite browser will show you several testimonials where people have effectively used Emu oil to deal with all sorts of fungi.

How to use EMUAID® for onychomycosis

EMUAID® is designed to get you maximum effectiveness when dealing with onychomycosis. It features a unique delivery system that penetrates your skin and nails, thus giving you the necessary healing ingredients.

Once you properly apply EMUAID® to the affected areas, the ointment penetrates the damaged nail bed and works to eliminate all the fungi. The specially designed EMUAID® penetrates deep into the nail bed, thus gets rid of the source.

Once all the fungi are adequately taken care of, EMUAID® starts repairing the dry and discolored nails immediately. The incorporated oxygen boosters ensure that blood flow is well stimulated to promote the rapid growth of healthy nails.

With EMUAID®, you also get a prevention measure that will shield you from the reoccurrence of fungus. Ensure that you apply it as prescribed to get the best results within a short period.


Most people are usually unaware that they have onychomycosis until they start feeling irritation and pain. You should never let nail infection get too advanced because it becomes harder to treat. You, therefore, need to understand symptoms of nail infection so that you can spot them early.

The early signs include your nails turning yellow and thickening. Soon enough, you might start feeling a subtle smell. Ensure that you quickly combat nail fungus as soon as you spot a small yellow or white dot on your nail.