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Using Tea Tree for Nail Fungus

You may wonder how to use tea tree oil for nail fungus. After all, it’s a natural substance that can disinfect and help to heal. You might prefer it to oral medications that have unpleasant side effects. One thing to know about nail fungus is that it is contagious. This is important because you want to ensure that you do implement an effective treatment regime. You may try tea tree on cases where you want to prevent a fungus. It’s not really the best though to put it on a contagious outbreak without other treatment.

The first step is to get a nail biopsy. You can go to a local clinic and they will refer you to a podiatrist. The foot doctor will take a sample of the nail and run it for tests. If you hear back that you do have fungus, you should follow the doctor’s instructions. However, if you just get a negative and you still have itchy feet, you can try a tea tree solution. Tea tree can also be used for prevention in the case of people that swim a lot or people who spend a lot of time sweating.

Tea tree is an antiseptic and is antibacterial. It is known to have these properties. The reason it is not prescribed by a doctor is that the medical community has more targetted remedies for foot funguses. If you want to use the tea tree prevention plan, then you should consider diluting tea tree in a carrier oil, like jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is an oil that has healing properties for the skin. Raw tea tree can burn the skin. You should never use an essential oil without a carrier oil to dilute it.

When you put on the tea tree oil in the carrier oil, try to use a cotton pad so you don’t actually touch your feet. It will be easier than having the oil on your hands. It can be hard to wash away an essential oil. You also don’t want to end up touching your face and spreading the treatment. It is very potent.

When you apply it, be liberal. You can put it all over the feet in a mask if you want to really benefit from the properties. You should let it sit for around ten minutes afterward. This will help it to soak in. You can use the time as a spa time. It’s a way to keep your feet fresh. Older people tend to have foot funguses and they don’t even know it. It can be off-putting to see an older person’s feet. If you have parents who are in an old folk’s home, you can go over and give them this treatment. It should never be a replacement for getting them a doctor’s appointment, but it can be nice prevention.

Tea tree is useful in warding off fungus and bacteria on the skin. It’s a gentle substance when you dilute it properly. A small bottle should last you a long time because a little goes a long way.